“I was nervous of meeting so many new people to begin with; I only knew one person. However, I soon settled in and began to enjoy it. It’s been my Monday routine for quite a few years now.” – Michael

“I wasn’t sure I wanted commit time regularly. I was shy, felt anti-social, and lacking in confidence about being able to sing largely due to poor hearing.” – Rona

 “The choir has a warm welcoming ambience, with a sense of dedication from both the choir leader and singers. We have a beautiful, varied repertoire of songs taught by a sensitive, imaginative leader who manages to get us to achieve amazing sounds together!” – Lynn

“The group is friendly and supportive and we enjoy being together on a Monday afternoon to make music and conversation and I look forward to the sessions where I can personally put day to day problems out of my mind and get lost in music.” – Angela

“It has enriched my life: meeting new people, learning a diverse range of new songs and encouraging me to try out different harmonies/parts.” – KM

 “My singing voice has improved and my brain gets a good workout!” – Dot

I have an increased feeling of well-being after sessions; being challenged in a positive way gives a sense of purpose and joy. I can feel the physical and mental benefits of singing together in a friendly group.” – Lynn

I’ve made new friends and built a social life from it.” – Janice

I have felt an increased feeling of well-being and optimism following the death of my husband.  The choir was very welcoming and inclusive.” – Mary W

I look forward to Monday afternoons knowing that I will enjoy myself and come away smiling. Then the lovely music is with you all week until the next time.” – Dawn

What’s not to like! It’s a warm, friendly and welcoming group with delicious cakes!” – KM

To chase away the blues (sometimes by singing them!), to feel more calm, peaceful and uplifted through singing, to enjoy the camaraderie and friendship within the group. To keep on learning!” – Lynn