Our Leader

Janna Goodwille

Sydenham Singers is taught and directed by Janna Goodwille who is a choir leader, vocal facilitator and singer-songwriter. She is at the heart of our relaxed and friendly choir: an inspiring, enthusiastic leader with a skillful awareness of all our individual strengths and weaknesses. She is caring and welcoming to everyone and has an incredible talent for bringing out the best of the choir, whilst always making it fun, from the very first warm-up to a final rendition or performance. And she recognises our need for tea and cake!

Janna is a truly exceptional teacher.  Her teaching makes learning accessible and inclusive and she is friendly, kind, supportive and fun. – Rona


Natural Voice Network

Janna is a member of the Natural Voice Network, who believe that singing is every person’s birth-right and opportunity. In communities all over the world, and for thousands of years, song has been used to express joy, aid healing, accompany sacred rites and even for therapeutic health rituals. For many people across the world, singing is a way of life and a way of binding communities. Natural Voice was established to bring that connection back, while also showing that every voice is capable of freely expressing a full range of emotions and thoughts: hence the ‘natural voice’.

I liked the idea of joining a group of singers who enjoy the natural voice practitioner approach/philosophy that ‘everyone can sing.’  I especially appreciate the choir leader’s skilled teaching which taps into the multi-sensory way of learning to sing a song.  Although hearing impaired and a non-music reader, I have benefited from the visual cues of conducting us note by note/lyric by lyric.– KM