Our History

Sydenham Singers has been a community choir at Sydenham Garden (Link to Our Venue) since April 2011, when it was set up by Janna Goodwille with Cultural Olympiad funding.

It is one of four ‘Sing Out’ choirs originally supported by Lewisham Borough and is founded on ‘Natural Voice’ principles, believing (and proving!) that anyone can sing.

The choir is now run by a committee of present members, all of whom believe passionately in Janna’s founding values of care, warm welcome and unstuffiness.



I genuinely feel uplifted after each session.  Even when it is cold and miserable in the winter months it brightens your day and gets you out of the house meeting new people. Val

Over the years the choir has expanded and improved and can now tackle quite complex harmonies without fear when required, but it hasn’t lost its inclusive feel and ‘open to anyone vibe’ regardless of singing ability.– Janice