But I can’t sing

If you ask anyone how they felt before they arrived for their first session with Sydenham Singers, they may say that they were daunted, unconfident, and worried that they couldn’t sing well enough or learn the music.  Within minutes, those fears evaporated with the warmth generated by Natasha (our leader) and the other singers.  With no audition, no requirement to read music and no previous experience necessary, newcomers quickly become absorbed into our friendly and supportive group.

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I thought that I would not be a good enough singer as I hadn’t sang for many years and my singing voice had deteriorated quite a lot over time. I joined on my own and had concerns that perhaps the group might be cliquey, but I was made to feel very welcome from the start. ” Gerry


“When I first started, I remember thinking that everyone would be much better at singing than me.  But instead everybody was friendly and the atmosphere laid back which allowed me to join in without feeling too self-conscious.  It’s a great antidote from life’s trials and tribulations.” – Steph


“I’m much more confident in my singing ability and less nervous about singing in front of people. Also, I’m saying hello to a lot more people in the street, in shops and the like!” – Michael