Our Choir

Sydenham Singers has been a community choir at Sydenham Garden  since April 2011, when it was set up by Janna Goodwille with Cultural Olympiad funding.

It is one of four ‘Sing Out’ choirs originally supported by Lewisham Borough and is founded on ‘Natural Voice’ principles, believing (and proving!) that anyone can sing.

The choir is now run by a committee of present members, all of whom believe passionately in Janna’s founding values of care, warm welcome and unstuffiness.

Sing Out for Summer – June 2015

Through our growing connections with London’s singing community, we now have great opportunities to perform concerts at a variety of venues and with a rewarding community of choirs.  We have performed at events arranged by Sydenham Arts, Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum and once we even had a short spot on Radio 3 with the BBC Singers.

Audience members at our concerts often comment how much joy and engagement is communicated by the Sydenham Singers, so there is no doubt that performances are enjoyed by the singers.

You can read about some of our latest performances on our Events page.

Kent House Leisure Gardens Open Day – May 2017

  I think singing in a choir can be very uplifting and it doesn’t matter if your voice is not brilliant.  It makes me happy and I enjoy all the performances we do.” – Maggie